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Publisher: GRAmel

Welcome to the world of Toy Troopers!

Small plastic soldiers wage war on the tabletop, under the bed, and in the garden. The war to control the entire Living Room and the access to the Garage… and you are the heroes of these wars, the Toy Troopers! Even a 2″ plastic soldier can make the difference.
Toy Troopers is an upcoming military-comedy setting for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, based on animated movies and video games as well as pulp war stories.

This simple one-shot adventure is intended to be a preview of what your players can experience as the plastic army men. The players can explore the well-known environment, fight their opponents and observe the mysterious Giants from the perspective of a 2″ tall toy figure.
This free PDF is a self-contained tale, you do not require the Toy Troopers main book to play. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to run it: some sample new Setting Rules and five pre-generated characters. Apart from this, you’ll only need Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, dice, cards, and some miniatures – perhaps toy soldiers!

Toy Troopers will be available from Gramel in Spring 2021 – watch out for the Savage News!

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