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Publisher: Dawn Metcalf

Want to take your gaming group to the next level? Serve up a little Tooth or Truth! 

Tooth or Truth is a fictional drinking game designed to encourage deeper roleplaying, more player interaction, and develop and strengthen bonds between characters and players alike. Using 25 questions, clever rules for dodging answers, and the threat of swallowing the tooth, this GM-less roleplaying supplement offers both veteran and newbie players a way to create more meaningful in-game relationships for a richer and more fulfilling gaming experience. Perfect for Session Zero, down-time between sessions, welcoming a new player to the table, or exposing the perfect plot threads to pull, Tooth or Truth is a great way to bring everyone’s backstories up front!

Hilarious, thought-provoking, and sometimes surprisingly moving, your adventuring party will never be the same after Round One of Tooth or Truth! Designed for 2 or more players, compatible with 5e, Pathfinder, and other d6 and d20 systems; 2-4 hours of gameplay, dependent on the number of players.

Surprising Truths, Clever Lies, & Unforgettable Stories!

Tooth or Truth: Round OnePrice: $1.99