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Publisher: Kyoudai Games

Can You Survive at the Edge of the Galaxy?

When mankind pushed into the stars, it wasn’t the government that led the way, it was the corporations. There was plenty of room for everyone, right up until the first alien ruins were discovered, and the secrets inside them sparked the wide-ranging Corporate War, the effects of which are still being felt all throughout the galaxy. It’s only on the borders of civilized space, the Outlands, where a man can truly be free. And, coincidentally, it’s in the Outlands where the last untapped ruins are hidden away, hungrily sought by greedy corporations and independent Tombseekers alike!

Tiny Outlands is a campaign and setting enhancement for the Tiny Frontiers: Revised Edition role-playing game. It adds all the tools necessary for an over-the-top science fiction campaign filled with glorious loot and hyper-violence! Create your adventurer from one of the different heritages, including the ever-present humans, the doomed mutants, the mysterious enigmas, or even the neurotic, impossibly annoying robotic B0M units! Take up the mantle of a Tombseeker or become one of the mysterious Starborne, wielding the power of the universe itself as you go up against bloodthirsty alien beasts, the psychotic dregs of humanity left in the wake of the war, extremely well-equipped corporate security forces, or anything else the galaxy might throw at you!

Lock and load, killer. It’s time to get paid!

Requires Tiny Frontiers: Revised Edition from Gallant Knight Games

Tiny OutlandsPrice: $4.99