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Publisher: Micro RPG

Local whisperings speak of the “Frosted Wood” in the northern regions of Helik Water being haunted. People believe a winter spirit makes a home there, and that is the reason the forest is always covered in a dusting of snow or a fresh layer of frost. However, a rash of recent deaths of travelers in the area has become worrisome. They were all found completely frozen. One was even shattered. Is it possible there is more than a simple spirit haunting those woods? Could something more evil be lurking among the trees of the Frosted Wood? The Guild is willing to pay 25 Gold to anyone who can investigate and bring back answers.

Through the Frosted Wood is a starter adventure module for the Micro Chapbook Roleplaying game. All the rules you need to play are included. 

Through the Frosted Wood (Starter Adventure)Price: $0.50