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Publisher: Mongoose

Eight adventures for Referee and single player or very small groups.

A Troubled Memory allows a backwoods ‘barbarian’ from an unexplored world to encounter a wider civilization and much higher technology levels.  This may provide answers to an unexplained part of his or her past life.

 A Troubled Place gives a backwater noble a chance to make a difference for his downtrodden people.

 A Troubled Library explores the fears of a librarian scholar regarding the safety of knowledge storage.

 A Troubled Recovery concerns a belter who has been a victim of an accident and receives rather surprising visitors whilst in the Priory of Panunzio.

 A Troubled Mind sees a parent’s concern for their child eventually involving the hunt for a secret, and illegal, psionic institute.

 In A Troubled Treasure, deserters, Sword Worlders, archaeologists and others are interested in a valuable find in the desert with a PC or two caught up in the middle of finding it and fighting over it.

 A Troubled Ship or The Frabjous Day, allows one, two or three novices to jump right into a Traveller experience and get a taste for what might lie ahead.

 A Troubled Case juxtaposes city and desert as the PC or PCs discover all is not quite what it seems.

Includes a one page introduction to Traveller for beginners.

FULL DISCLOSURE: A Troubled Mind appeared in Freelance Traveller, no.58, October 2014 and some NPCs from A Troubled Case were published (with additional stats) in no.79, January/February 2017.

There May Be Troubles AheadPrice: $13.46