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Publisher: Purple Martin Games

This release of Thematic Toolkit brings something new to the line: support for other third-party content!

In these pages, you will find three new archetypes:

For the ranger class, the Byway Defender, a noble knight-errant dedicated to keeping the places between places safe and passable.
For the cleric class, the Shepherd, a cleric that combines magical power with community leadership and dedication.
For the esper class which made its debut in Paranormal Power, you will find the Mystic, a channeler of light and dark.

As usual for a Thematic Toolkit series, this volume also includes three sets of synergy feats that can be used to combine ranger and cleric, cleric and esper, or ranger and esper. The feat chains are fully-generic and do not require you to use the archetypes in this product to function.

By veteran Level Up designer Peter N Martin

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