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Publisher: Heartwizard Games

Speed up your game prep with the Wealthy District Mini Adventure Pack!

Any GM knows getting ready for a session takes a lot of time and creative juice. The Wealthy District speeds up prep time and helps with idea generation. In this book, you’ll find a collection of mini-adventures that give you everything you need to build sessions in the wealthy part of a magical city. 

You get maps, 5 room dungeons and NPCs with personalities (they all need something). Each mini-adventure ends with more hooks to keep play going. They’re perfect when you need to speed up your planning. 

Imagine taking your players through these wealthy locations:

  • Parliament, Spellcaster Gardens, Antique Store, Infested Greenhouse, Witch Manor, Time-Cursed Library

This pack contains these mini-adventures:

  • “The Parliament Problem,” “Death in Miniature,” “The Clockwork Job,” “Plants from Hell,” “The Witch Fog,” and “A Worm in the Books”


  • Seven NPCs, all tied to a wealthy, exclusive neighborhood — and they all have problems that need solved and quests for the players
  • Six locations with maps that can be dropped into any adventure that takes place in a wealthy area filled with aristocrats
  • A d20 random table, with even more story starters
  • A neighborhood map that ties all the locations together
  • A story-based prologue to add flavor
  • And more! 

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The Wealthy District Mini Adventure PackPrice: $4.99