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Publisher: Paoloisaac

Welcome to “The Cosmic Odyssey“, a narrative RPG experience that will take you through an epic science fiction saga in which your choices will determine the evolution of the storyline. In this adventure, you will be the crew members of the “Wandering Star” spaceship, tasked with facing the imminent threat of the Stellar Abyss, an extradimensional force that seeks to penetrate our universe.
Importantly, this adventure is not tied to any specific rule system. This means that you can use your favorite game system or adjust the rules according to your preferences. The main objective of this adventure is to immerse yourself in an immersive story, make difficult decisions and see how your choices will affect the fate of the crew and the universe itself.
Your actions will have real consequences. Every choice you make could lead to positive or negative developments, changing the course of the plot in unpredictable ways. It will be a challenge of leadership, diplomacy, action and moral decisions, where the fate of the crew and the fate of the universe will be in your hands.
Get ready for a journey through alien landscapes, abandoned space stations and the very darkness of space. You will have to face deceptions, fragile alliances and ancient mysteries as you venture into the heart of the Stellar Abyss. The universe depends on you. Good luck, star explorers. Your adventure is about to begin.

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