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Publisher: The GM’s Library

Captain Angelette is a ruthless pirate, devoted to her Goddess of the deepest parts of the ocean. After robbing a ship carrying a gold supply for the city of Breeze Point, the party is tasked with recovering the gold by any means necessary. Track her across the Wailing Sea to earn your wealth.

This adventure includes:

  • Custom NPC stats
  • Location maps
  • 30 pages of story-driven content and resources

The Wailing Sea is a multi-session adventure for up to 4, level 1 – 3 characters. The NPC stats have been tweaked accordingly, but feel free to adjust them for your party’s needs. It can be played as a stand-alone or in conjunction with an existing campaign. 

The adventure was written with 5e rules in mind and takes place in a homebrewed world, Teracon. 

The Wailing Sea: A Pirate AdventurePrice: $4.95