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Publisher: Free League Publishing

Paradise Amidst the Cold

Will the Illusion Shatter?

Frigid winds tear at the group as they wander desperately in search of shelter during a catastrophic winter storm. Amidst the snow-laden rocky foothills, no caves or overhangs can be spotted through the violent flurry. The only viable shelter for miles is a large forest of strange deciduous trees that have somehow kept their now snow-covered leaves. As the group enters this verdant haven they discover the strange and wondrous Summer Vale, a seemingly idyllic Hidden Realm. Yet as the group marvel over the wonderland they have discovered the shadow grows in this tale of hope, despair, and the inevitability of Winter.

Veil of Summer is an adventure for Symbaroum that should take 4-6 hours to complete depending on playstyles. This adventure can is an adventure of a strange discovery and possible sanctuary, but conflicts from beyond and within threaten everything. Inside you will find 15 pages of dark fantasy content, including:

  • A modular dark fantasy adventure that can be set anywhere in Davokar.
  • 3 new NPCs, monsters, and adversaries


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The Veil of Summer - Adventure for SymbaroumPrice: $3.99