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Publisher: Secession Cycles

there are certain feelings that hit us whenever we walk down a hallway at night, stare at a weirdly painted waiting room, or examine a grainy picture of an off-putting room or hallway online.

there are times that comfort could be felt, there are times that unease takes over instead.

nevertheless, this fascinates our never-ending sense of curiosity.

and because of this, you decided to enter a realm where they are abundant.

but how? what happened? and who are you?

it’s up to you.

what matters is that you are here.

the spaces between dreams is a GM-less journaling game for 1 player, where you explore and document the places where reality feels altered, whether they made you feel comfort, discomfort, or something else.

inspired by The Backrooms, the Liminal Spaces aesthetic, and the After Hours aesthetic.

also inspired by Alone Among The Stars by Takuma Okada.

the spaces between dreamsPrice: $6.00