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Publisher: Gildor Games

The mansion looks like an easy score.

Don’t worry, the sorcerer who owned the place is long dead. Just a few reanimated servants, a roomful of ancient artifacts, a library and a lavish feast hall. But what ate the sorcerer?

The Sorcerer’s Feast is one of the Ennie award-winning Trilemma Adventures by Michael Prescott. This version contains the original dungeon, expanded to include ELEMENTAL stats and a flavorful cast of player characters with their own agendas and motivations.

Drop The Sorcerer’s Feast into your campaign or play it as a one-shot. Hand out the provided characters, place them at the entrance of the site and you can enjoy a session of gaming right away, with as little preparation as a board game.

ELEMENTAL is a remarkably fast and flexible RPG for any character, any setting, any story. Go to the Gildor Games main page to see the expanding line of ELEMENTAL products. The Complete Guide (on sale through Friday!) gives you everything you need to play, and the Discovery Guide lets you check out the game and even try it for free.

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