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Publisher: Gold Piece Publications

Imagine O’ Traveller, the wild north, then cast your inner-eye east to the Inland Sea and thence to Olla’s Island, seat of the Sorcerers’ Enclave. A retreat for the study of magic and the maintenance of its secrets.

Travel through the intricate pen and ink drawings of Aaron Howdle to the Sorcerers’ Enclave.

Explore its halls and corridors in this combination of art book and source book for your favourite RPGs.

The Sorcerers’ Enclave is a combination of an art book and an RPG source book. In its original form it was presented as a large, highly-detail piece of artwork. The book version takes the locations of the Enclave and presents each of them in a double page spread, complete with descriptive text and further illustrations. There is background information about the locations and the Enclave’sinhabitants. There are no stats or rules, but it could easily be used as a setting or even a scenario for any fantasy RPG system (with a bit of work form the DM).

The Sorcerers’ Enclave includes exotic locations such as The Duelling pit, Necromancer’s Tower, Observatory, Orrery, Golem Manufactory, and The Arcanum (Library) to name a few. There are also sections on the small demonic servants of the tower, familiars, etc. It’s essentially a tour of the Enclave as depicted in the original illustration.

A hard cover printed edition of the book is available from the Squarehex webstore.

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