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Publisher: Ludos Calis Longa

Have your players been a bit… out of control lately? have they been a bit more rage-y than a normal barbarian? Maybe using a bunch of hapless peasants as meat shields? abusing or torturing NPCs for no reason? Are they attacking things wih fire all the time when it’s patently not necessary, and all out of proportion?

If this sounds like your party, you should probably start breaking out the RPG War Crimes Counter, put in each character’s name, and start adding tally marks. Designed to track all the enumerated Grave Breaches Of The Laws Of Armed Conflict, this tracker lets you know which of your characters is the war-crime-y-est of all. Occassionally useful for pointing out certain character flaws, but mostly a good way to track their reputation along the adventure, it lets the local paladins and judiciary deal with the culprits appropriately when the time comes.

If nothing else, let this list be a sort of conscience for your game, and add the weight of real decisions and social consequence to the world.

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