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Publisher: Free League Publishing
In the carnival where everyone gets what they wish, perhaps the Society will have cause to regret their dreams.
In Uppsala, a stranger is wreaking chaos while wearing the fact of one of the investigators themselves.
In the quiet countryside of Alby, a creature of chaos has woven himself into the midst of those who would heal the minds of the Society.

This collection of three Mysteries integrates the first three complete stories written by Melpomene Games, all with a generally “psychological” set of themes. In addition to organising our first three Mysteries into a single purchase with a discount, this new product also includes Clue Maps for all three Mysteries (rather than just the first), and provides a new page of content that suggests story links between the Mysteries, helping the Game Master to run these as a more unified trilogy.

For more details on the individual Mysteries, see:–Vaesen-Mystery–Vaesen-Mystery–Vaesen-Mystery

Who are we? Melpomene Games is an independent games studio run by a group of friends who love RPGs, and love to share the inventive madness that we create! We have also made, for Vaesen RPG, Fraught Fellowships, Vol. 1 (Sub Rosa): four new secret societies that help to maximize use of players’ Dark Secrets, and introducing a new ‘Favor’ system.

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