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Publisher: Atarashi Games

Yeld: Quest is a source book for solo adventures in the magical land of Yeld!

Discover the secret door to Yeld and set out on a brand new adventure, with only your pet at your side! Yeld: Quest includes new rules and guidelines for 1 Player and 1 Game Master to explore the magical land of Yeld!

In Yeld: Quest you’ll find:

– New rules and guidelines for adventures in Yeld with 1 Player and 1 Gamemaster! Start an adventure with your partner, child, parent or best friend!

– Introducing Pets, faithful companions that will join your quest and grow as you explore Yeld!

– Insult Monsters and cheer on your Friends and Pets with Dialogue, a dynamic new option for fights! Use Dialogue in both Quest and traditional Yeld adventures!

– 30 new Special dice designed just for Quest (but usable in traditional Yeld adventures), including 8 new Job specific dice, Pet dice and Dialogue dice!

– 3 new Mentors to guide you on your journey!

– Introducing the Rival, a troublemaking character that will grow along side you as you journey through Yeld, and may become your Nemesis!

– New comics and art by Modest Medusa creator Jake Richmond!

The Magical Land of Yeld: QuestPrice: $5.00