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Publisher: Adventure Ripples
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

The Lost Grimoire Part 1
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The players receive an invitation to the sorcery guild in the city of Archanvale by a good friend.

Upon meeting them he reveals he needs their help in finding a stolen and very dangerous grimoire.

Suspecting that the thieves are hiding somewhere in the guild’s Castle Headquarters, he enlists the adventurers to help him retrieve the book without alerting the other members of the guild….

The Lost Grimoire Part 2 – Shadows of the Infernal Rift!
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Lost Grimoire Part 2: Shadows of the Infernal Rift is an epic DnD 5e adventure that will take you on a pulse-pounding journey through the city of Archanvale and its corrupt magician’s guild.
In Part 1 of the Lost Grimoire,  the players receive an invitation to the Sorcery Guild in the city of Archanvale from a good friend. 
Upon meeting them, he reveals that he needs their help to find a stolen and very dangerous Grimoire.

Now, in Part 2, the heroes return to the city, years after the events of Part 1, after an urgent message. A once peaceful city, home to the renowned magical school, has fallen victim to demonic incursions from the depths of the infernal realms. It’s up to you and your fellow adventurers to save the day!
Part 2 of the Lost Grimoire is designed to be played over 2-3 sess…

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