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Publisher: White Wolf

A Collection of Forbidden Knowledge

For as long as they have existed, the Children of Caine have kept records of their history and unnatural condition. The books they have created provide a detailed record of all aspects of Cainite history and society, from the time of the First City, to the bloody conflicts of recent nights. These are dangerous texts; not only must they be hidden from mortal eyes, but they also contain forbidden lore, material which many elders would prefer to be forgotten. The dangerous, radical, and even heretical, notions found within these books are feared by many, and with good reason. There are few who would dare to delve within the library of the damned.

Cursed Literature

The Library of the Damned is a sourcebook for Vampire: the Dark Ages, describing the key works of literature created by Cainites. This supplement contains material on various books authored by the damned, from the eerie mythology of the Book of Nod, to the dark heresies of the Euagetaematikon. Accompanying the descriptions of such works are rules and systems to allow players and Storytellers to incorporate this material into their chronicles.

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