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Publisher: Karl Agius

A historical fiction and dark fantasy supplement for EZD6

The Holy Roman Empire is ripping itself apart even as its enemies tear at it from within. Armies wander the land as plague and famine mow down the survivors. In the silent, ancient forests, witches and worse things stir even as innocents burn on the pyres of raving witchfinders. Whether you seek fame and riches, power and glory, or simple survival, this is a time of opportunity. But there is also great danger, and rest assured – the world is full of the shallow graves of other adventurers who have gone before you…

Set in the fires of the Thirty Years War, The Four Horsemen brings you new rules for black powder weapons, cavalry combat, lackeys and disease, as well as new aspects to help you create the dashing champion, dastardly villain or miserable wretch you want to play in this world. Included are also two starter adventures to set you on your path to greatness! 

This setting will help you run pulpy historical adventures in the vein of The Three Musketeers and El Capitan Alatriste, or, if you are of a darker bent, the sort of situations Solomon Kane would run into…

This product is an unofficial supplement for EZD6. A copy of the EZD6 Core Rulebook is required to use this product.

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