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Publisher: Chaosium

The London Rave scene in the early 2000s is full of wannabe gangsters, techno-pagans and shamen. Most are frauds….most.

Within this world, one producer makes music that seems to come from beyond the stars to shatter egos and set dance floors on fire. However, the strange and terrible music he plays is being channeled from a foul and terrible source…

‘The Forbidden Beat’ is set in the anarchist free party scene of East London in the early Millennium and is designed to be a quick one-shot adventure. It could also provide the opening to a modern day campaign.


  • A unique setting in East London at the turn of the Millenium
  • Original artwork by Greg Bennison
  • Mysteries to solve in the criminal underworld
  • Radical politics and establishment cultery
  • Maps of the warehouse district, abandoned buildings and what lies beneath
  • Stats for ravers and techno-shaman NPCs
  • New rules and magic involving mind-shattering repetetive beats
  • A bonus playlist of horror rave to enhance your game

The Forbidden BeatPrice: $10.00