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Publisher: Corentin Simon

Diaspora is a french tabletop skirmish game, where two to four players fight on narrative scenarios of brawl and exploration between the stars of the Second Middle Ages. Recruit your team between the exotic factions of the galaxy spanning diaspora, and go for the objectives on the table in strategic and fast-paced actions.

Basic rules are free, and the miniatures are designed to be printed in 3D. The game is simple and fast to learn, and can be enjoyed by beginners and wargame-fans alike. The game is currently in developpment and has a lot of new products to come.

This Faction Compendium will give you all the updated datasheets that you need to play the Enclave. If and when new units will be published, they will be added to the Compendium.

As much of a tribe as it is a cult, the Enclave is one of the last safe and dependable communities the Humanity has left between the stars. Living inside an antique and gargantuan temple-spaceship, the Macrosium, the Enclave travels through galaxies, dimensions and times in search of the Announcer, the One That Knows, the one that could lead them all to the holy and lost Earth-Mother. 

With versatile units, the Enclave can adapt to every situations and opponents. Acquire more power play after play with you units Specials, and craft the optimal team composition at every scenarios.

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The Enclave - DiasporaPrice: $3.00