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Publisher: BPB Games

Join the Hunt

The Deck of Monsters is a new Monster of the Week game accessory approved by Generic Games and designed to help new and old Keepers place their Hunters against monsters they’ve never before encountered.

This deck of 53 poker cards provides Keepers with art, a lore prompt, and the statistics for a massive selection of new monsters that are ready to run right away. If you’ve ever found yourself having a tough time thinking of the next monster or you’re just looking for inspiration, the Deck of Monsters is for you! We’re lucky enough to be partnering with some of our favorite Horror Twitter creators as Guest Artists, (@kimariejude and @hmnprsn) so you might even spot a few familiar faces mixed in!

There’s horror for all interests and intensities in the Deck of Monsters:

Do you want to play something silly but creepy? Try Dr. Cuddlesworth PhD or the Eyes on Me!

Do you want to have an existential crisis? Sounds like you could use the Vastness or the Time Loop.

Do you just want to deal with a gimmicky murderer? That’s a hunt for the Rail Runner or Sewer Beast.

Do you want to wallow in angst and dredge up the past? Talk to your Childhood Friend or the Outsider.

Content Warnings:

Several entries in the Deck of Monsters contain light body horror, but we’ve kept the gore to almost non-existent levels.

Beanngair: Blood, needles, blood transfusion
Chuck Byron: Medical abuse (implied)
Edith: Spiders
Haunted Doll: Child abuse (implied)
Headmaster Winthrupe: P*rn*graphy (non-explicit)
Homewrecker: Infidelity
The Liesmith’s Maw: Light body horror, gaslighting
Skelborda: Potential trypophobia
Skitterbug: Spiders

Always remember to make sure EVERYONE at the table is comfortable with the themes you’re going to be exploring, even if they’re not on this list. Defining Lines and Veils is also a good idea, even if you’re just looking to goof off. It takes like five minutes and can help players, new and old, feel more comfortable.

The Deck of Monsters (for Monster of the Week)Price: $20.00