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Publisher: Black Arts

The Convent of The Weeping Moon

VTT MapPack

Hi-Res maps of the Convent, For your Favourite Virtual Tabletop

Contains all 6, top-down Battle Maps used for the Scenario: The Convent of the Weeping Moon, but can be used for any other scenario or homebrew.
Maps are numbered and titled for Easy Use:
Village, Convent Ruins, Convent Cellars, and three Catacombs maps: Entrance, Barracks and Chapel

And all Absolutely Free!

Download contains

The download is a ZIP file containing all six scenario maps in .PNG format.

Resolution: The Maps come in both Medium-res 50 pixels per 5′ gridsquare, and Hi-res 80 pixels per 5′ gridsquare.

Annotation: All have had DM-only information removed, no room numbers, grids, secret doors, trap markings, level titles or DM annotation is visible.

Importing: The maps can be easily imported into Fantasy Grounds Unity, Fantasy Grounds Original, Roll20, or any VTT system that supports PNG files. Unzip the resolution you want, use your preferred VTT’s import system.

No more messed-up grids: All maps are pre-sized, for pixel-perfect importation, at 80 & 50px grid sizes.

NOTE: This free download Contains Electronic VTT Maps ONLY, Scenario Available Separately

The Convent of the Weeping Moon – See Seperate product listing:
44 pages of dark-tinged, Convent-based adventure, with a sting in the tail.
Intended for all 5e-compatible, fantasy role-playing systems, including “the world’s most popular RPG”.

Torture your players over the internet, through the dank halls of The Convent, all in glorious Dysonesque-hatched Monochrome!

With The Convent of the Weeping Moon VTT MapPack

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