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Publisher: Exploding Rogue

You are a Creation. Your Creators brought you into being by science, magic, power, or energy.

You are their greatest Creation. But you were a prisoner.

Now, you are free.

You know they are after you. You know they will find you. You will destroy them. Or they will destroy you.

Draw a question and answer it or pass it to someone else. Proceed until your Creators catch up, and you destroy them, or they destroy you. If you see content you do not want, tap the X Card, no questions asked.

The Brokenhearted is Descended from the Queen, and is for 3-5 players. This is the companion game to This Thing We Started. Written for the 90s Game Jam! #90sGameJam

Inspired by Can’t Stop This Thing We Started, by Bryan Adams.

The BrokenheartedPrice: $10.00