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Publisher: Pocket Sized Perils

‘Something fishy is going on in the town of Bleakmarsh! A Beast lurks in the mists and danger waits just below the surface. Sounds like a perfect oportunity for an aspiring band of monster hunters looking to make a splash!’

Pocket Sized Perils Issue#2, The Beast of Bleakmarsh, is a 2nd level adventure for 5th edition. Each of the printable PDF’s included can be converted into a 6 page zine that unfolds to reveal maps, stat blocks and everything else necessary for a night, (or two), of fantasy gaming.

The package includes double sided PDF’s for both US(Tabloid) and International(A3) paper sizes and a scrollable PDF for use on your device.  

There’s also a QR link to the Pocket Sized Perils blog with extra info and guidance on running the adventure.


The Beast of BleakmarshPrice: $2.29