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Publisher: Spawn Point

Compiled herein is The Art of Spawn Point. All art was created using the Midjourney artificial intelligence art creation tool, except for perhaps one or two through Dall-E2.


One of my greatest limitations in creating Spawn Point was art. I am not at all an artist and securing an actual artist became problematic. Firstly, Spawn Point is quite frankly a passion project. I never planned to make any money from the game, so paying an artist to create art for it was simply something I was not willing to do. Secondly, I did have a few artists create samples for me but none really struck me as, “Yeah! Exactly what I was looking for!” Spawn Point was complete and stuck in a holding pattern while I was left trying to come up with an acceptable artist until AI art burst onto the scene. Even in the time I’ve been using it I’ve seen advancements.


You can see the progress of both myself and of Midjourney across my images. I really appreciate the painted, artistic impression that Midjourney does so well. Coming up with prompts though often proved a challenge. Whereas I would speak with an artist about exactly what I wanted to see, often, the more detailed a prompt one offers an AI art program, the less successful the results. One great limitation I also discovered about AI image generation was their universal failure in representing “action”, people in movement, and airplanes! Airplanes are simply a mystery to AI.


Midjourney offers about 20 free images to anyone with an account on Discord so please let me know and I’ll send you an invite to my server.


I hope the art interests you. I spent a lot of time working on it and for a decidedly un-artistic individual, I really love experimenting and bringing my images to life.


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