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Publisher: Penelope Engel

The lair of your most recently defeated foe has been swept clean of all it’s obstacles, traps, monsters, and ultimately the Big Bad Evil Guy/Gal (BBEG). Now the party (and by party we mean DM) is forced to face the daunting task of inventorying the treasure horde left behind in their wake.
So you want to learn the ins and outs of the wondrous items of antiquity? Or maybe you’re just another murder hobo here to ply your wares and offload 50 rusty goblin made swords with a 1,000 gp or death asking price to the local farmer who is just trying to sell his fruits and vegetables for 2sp to help support his growing family…
Either way, we just want to point out, the Merchant’s Price Guide as advertised is “ALMOST” complete, so there may be a chance that the magical wares you so sorely look to procure or even sell, might not be listed here as of yet. This supplement is for the learned and discerning merchant of relics, antiquities, and items of great cosmic power.
Here we provide tables for magical items, formatted into easy to find, and read categories, and laid out in a simple fashion, much like how these items were laid in older previous versions of D&D (for example 3.0 or 3.5).
We know the DM (or the sneaksy little murder hobo PC, yeah you, we see you reading this) want to be able to easily look up a suggested price point for that fancy new staff the sorcerer just got, or that amazing new dagger the rogue pick-pocketed, or that godly double bearded two-handed greataxe the Barbarian just pulled out of that oddly glowing dragon head statue with all those corpses around it. We know you might not  have the time to look up all of those fancy swords, or awe inspiring staves to figure out where to find the table with the item you may be looking for, and where are the prices even at???? Is that battleaxe worth 12gp or is it 125,000gp, who knows without this guide…
We understand how sometimes a simple mistake can make or break a campaign if you accidentally give your party each a legendary item because you just didn’t know, and now your level 3 party has the equivalent of 1 BILLION gold pieces…

This supplement includes pricing for 685 magic items which includes all currently published official content as of Dec. 11, 2020.
Notes: r0.2 includes pricing for items in Icewind Dale, Rime of the Frost of the Maiden, as well as Tasha’s Couldron of Everything.

The (Almost) Complete Merchants Pricing GuidePrice: $8.97