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Publisher: Bards and Sages

What does it mean to be an Adventurer?

Filled with a wanderlust that drives them to explore, the Adventurer quests simply because it is what they feel in their hearts they must do. Though they rarely set off to become heroes, their propensity for ending up in the thick of conflicts often puts them on the right side of history…whether they intended to or not. Their actions often become the stuff of legends in spite of themselves. 

The Adventurer isn’t just a hero. More often than not, they are the Hero. 

Designed for use in almost all d20/OGL fantasy systems, this version of the Adventurer seeks to give players the maximum flexibility in designing their character while maintaining game balance. This class gives players the versatility to dabble in a variety of talents and abilities without overshadowing the functionality of the core classes. The proverbial Jack-Of-All Trades, the Adventurer knows just enough about almost everything to figure out how to handle what others would consider impossible odds.

Besides the Adventurer Class, this supplement also includes over a dozen unique feats that, while designed to add flexibility to Adventurer builds, can be integrated into other classes as well.

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