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Publisher: Osrynn’s Oddments

The Temple of the Elements is a setting agnostic dungeon for parties between level 7 and 9. In this unique adventure, you will guide your party through a four elements (fire, earth, water and air) themed temple, built by an ancient civilisation/mad sorcerer/elemental monastery (whomsoever you want it to have been built by), packed full with puzzles, combat, exploration, and an amazing new boss battle against the Elemental Guardian. A new construct designed for 5e rules to be the final challenge of the dungeon.

This adventure uses five new monster statblocks, the four Elemental Motes, and the Elemental Guardian. All enemies for this adventure have been designed by Osrynn (of Osrynn’s Oddments) to provide a unique challenge in this adventure.

As with all of my adventures, you are welcome to pay whatever you like to support me as a creator of 5e content, but this is available as PWYW, so anyone can enjoy my work, regardless of budget.

Not only is it perfect for the levels listed above, but it can easily be adjusted for parties of any skill level.

Temple of the ElementsPrice: $1.00