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Publisher: Free League Publishing

“Some think the Teller is an aspect of the Faceless One, others say it is a djinn. Yet still a third, holds that it is a tale to let people get away with nervous banter that reveals something, “The Teller got to you the night before the battle didn’t it?””

The Teller of Secrets can be used in a few ways. The most basic is that instead of just randomly choosing an Icon, there is a prompt that you the GM reads and the player answers questions related to the prompt. These prompts give a character a link with something in their Icon’s purview.

Does a character have to tell about their prison time? Or their time as a professional mourner? Maybe it’s just about the chance encounter with somebody who could have been more. 

Another aspect is that instead of this being a part of character creation, you can use this during session zero or at the first session. The players are met by a supernatural entity named Teller of Secrets. This entity makes them reveal the their secrets in front of each other insuring that the group knows a telling secret about each character. 

Along with this, are seven new talents for Coriolis and a series of dark talents. These provide the GM with new ways to spend Darkness points if the players choose to take them. 

Teller of SecretsPrice: $5.00