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Publisher: Bendjinn


Discover the Secrets of Advanced Sciences – A new nonmagical 5th Edition Class

Looking to add a bit of weird science to you D&D 5e games? Want to add a class that has fantastic abilities not centered around magic? Then spend a little time researching the Technologist, a science-based tinkerer able to craft wondrous items on the fly that can help you allies overcome any obstacle.

The Technologist is a crafter class based wholly on advanced science. With their trusty technologist’s tool kit in hand they can create gear with lightning speed, equiping an entire party with the necessary means to accomplish any goal. Their superior understanding of physics and the manipulation of matter allows them to withstand most mental assaults and see through the illusions of magic created by their enemies. As their analysis grows, they can discover how to create unique and powerful scientific devices suitable for any style of technologist. The archetypes for this class are: Anatomical Researcher, Eldritch Research and Mechanical Researcher. 

This download includes the PDF instructions for creating a Technologist, detailed descriptions of their abilities and also a sci-fi character sheet. 

Technologist - 5e ClassPrice: $2.95