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Publisher: Zozer Games

“War is hell. The super-jungle is hell. Put those two together and you just know there’s zero chance of finishing your tour alive…”  – Corporal Mike Simms, 3rd Marine Division

A supplement for the Hostile RPG and Cepheus Engine.

Tau Ceti is a tortured world, fought over by the US-led Community of American States and by Chinese colonists backed by the People’s Republic of Guandong, on Earth. Tau Ceti is an unashamed stand-in for the Vietnam War, an interstellar conflict fought on a jungle world that kills almost as many Americans as the TLA do. 

Huge herbivores make life dangerous for the colonists, and the dinosaur-sized predators that hunt them are even more dangerous. Add highly poisonous or aggressive plantlife and a sulfur-tainted atmosphere and you have a very unpleasant world. Now add a decade-long jungle conflict fought by the dispirited forces of the American nations, and a foe that hides in the jungle, vanishes when attacked and launches devastating ambushes and counter attacks, and Tau Ceti becomes a place no-one wants to end up. 

But here you are, with the rest of your battalion, coming out of hypersleep in orbit above this glittering emeraled ball. Have you written your will? 

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