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Publisher: Red Roberts

Enjoy a Gothic time with a double feature of two adventures built for a single sitting in the Magical West System

Take shelter from the desert in a mysterious chapel from another cosmos in Memories Forgotten.

Investigate the strange death of Edgar Allen Poe and brave monsters inspired by his stories in Upon a Midnight Dreary.

Learn more about the Magical West System by buying the Core Book:

With this adventure, you’ll receive:

  • A basic outline of most of the rules of the Tales of the Magical West System.
  • 6 Premade Characters to demonstrate abilities and gameplay.
  • A peek at over 100 of the 510 abilities available in the Core Book.
  • A detailed break down of two one-sitting adventures that can be run in the Magical West system. 
  • Assets and statistics for encounters like monster abilities and maps.

Tales of the Magical West: Gothic One Shot BundlePrice: $1.00