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Publisher: LPJ Design

What are the strange thoughts that make the monster’s tick? Why are there creatures whose action defy convention or explanation? What happens to the fragile minds of the civilians when the villains’ antics are too much to bear? With so many questions in the world of capes and costumes, is it little wonder so many live on the brink of madness? It’s time, dear Game Master, to walk the dreaded path and ponder the ramifications of madness in your 3rd edition of the world’s most popular OGL superhero RPG game.

What is a Plug-In?

This product is a part of a supplement line to support expanded adventures for the 3rd edition of the world’s most popular OGL superhero RPG. Each Adventure Plug-In is a third-party supplement designed to fit directly into the themes and narrative of an existing super heroic adventure, allowing you – the Game Master – to extend the story to dizzying new heights. Each Plug-In is designed in a manner that uses the existing rules you are familiar with, bringing forward a creative new look at an existing scenario. 

Though each Adventure Plug-In all shares a theme with a specific escapade, they are designed to be easily incorporated into your home game regardless of what scenarios or style campaign you may be running. Each continues a rich narrative background and series of thematically evocative rules to help the Game Master craft fantastic adventures and dire challenges for their players.

Super Adventure Plug-in: A Dreaded Path to Tread (Super-Powered by M&M)Price: $1.99