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Publisher: Grim Press

Seek respite at a small camp in this Forest – Campsite Trails map!

Map Preview

This product includes GRID & NO-GRID versions, each 24×32 squares at 70dpi, 150dpi, and 300dpi. It can be used in personal projects or commercial products (see License below).


Purchase of this product allows you non-exclusive use of these maps in an unlimited number of commercial products. The maps can be altered, modified, cropped, or combined, but must maintain their original resolution. When using the map in a commercial product, you must credit Grim Press as an artist or cartographer in an appropriate location within your supplement and on the product’s page. This license only allows you to include our maps in your commercial product. You may not: take credit for the map’s creation, sell the map on its own, or otherwise redistribute the map as part of a product or bundle where the map is primary asset included.


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