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This Starship Builder Kit has been designed to allow you to utilize various stylized starship sections to compile your very own custom starship deckplan. You can use any graphics editing software that support PNG format to combine the piec-es, drop them directly into your favorite virtual tabletop (VTT) application, or even print and cut them out to be put together to make a tabletop play map.

This series of kits is designed to allow you to mix-and-match any of the sections included herein with sections included in other sets in the series.

Herein you will find 20 ship sections including three sample ships built utilizing the included resources, 14 area sections, four hull sections, and a door and section connector section.

With Starship Builder Kits it is easy to create your own high-quality starship deckplans!

User Note: The PNG files included with this PDF are 600 dpi resolution. This means that they can be scaled up and printed to the 1-inch grid scale which makes them perfect for use with tabletop miniatures. To print sections to miniature size, increase the graphic print size by 400%.

Example starship deckplans created with this Starship Builder Kit:

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

Starship Builder Kit: #6 - Lunarian Defense ShipsPrice: $5.00