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Publisher: Starry Knight Press


A Solo Fantasy Adventure
Compatible with First Edition and Most Retro-Clones
Intended for one player character of levels 7 to 9

Dangerous new depths have been discovered in the maze near Cùirn Dhubh.
Will you return to once again challenge the Endless Lair?

Hello and welcome, adventurers and Game Masters!

I am very please to release the third chaper of my solo adventure series, The Endless Lair III! This is the long awaited follow-up to my original solo scenario, the Copper Bestseller Endless Lair (May 2019) and its sequel Endless Lair II (June 2019).

In this module, you will take on the role of a higly skilled adventurer (Level 7 to 9) who has chosen to test your mettle against newly discovered, deeper depths of a world renowned maze. Will you survive to boast of your exploits? Or will you fall, like so many other would-be heroes? Only the Gods can say!

The adventure takes place near the village of Cùirn Dhubh (Black Cairn in the Common Tongue), which lies along the southwestern border of the free nation of Dùn Bhriste. In the foothills within a half day’s ride of Cùirn Dhubh is a subterranean maze known far and wide as The Endless Lair. Some say it was the lair of an ancient necromancer while others claim it was home to a demon cult. No one knows its origins for certain, but the folk of Cùirn Dhubh know that hopefuls come from far and wide to test their mettle against the maze there.

Most who take up the maze’s challenge never return and those who do are tight lipped about their experiences. Despite this, the maze’s reputation is world renowned. Its name, the Endless Maze, is derived from tales of those few who survived their time in the maze, who claim the place is larger on the inside then seems possible and that there is a seemingly endless supply of foes in the rooms of this magical complex.

For years would-be heroes have challenged the maze and while most fell, a few hearty and lucky souls have survived. While tight lipped, this brave company routinely reported the maze consisted of five “sections” leading from the entrance to the exit portal. This fact was sacrosanct until a champion returned to report the discovery of a new maze. Now this has happened again: heroes have found a third deadly maze in the Endless Lair!

Dare you challenge the new maze alone, adventurer?


This supplement contains a new, completely original solo adventure, intended for a single player character of 7th to 9th level. However, if a GM wishes to run this adventure with a group of 7th to 9th level players, it is easily modified to fill that need. The module relies on random tables and given this random nature it may be replayed many times and still offer different results and encounters. It also features, unlike the prior two iterations in this series, several fixed encounters as well as puzzles and greater challenges (e.g. you will battle foes with up to 8HD!). This scenario also features a deadly new monster, the feral vampire; the full OSR monster statistics and description are included as part of this adventure!

This module presents the player with deadly challenges and, true to Old School sensibilities, death will be the rule and not the exception in this maze. However, those brave souls who do survive can proudly claim they have once again bested The Endless Lair! You can play with any of the five pre-generated player characters provided (Fighter, Cleric, Magic-User, Thief or Paladin), or your own character; and try and try again until you succeed!

As an added bonus, as a purchaser of one of my supplements you also get a free copy of my 2020 Starry Knight Press Catalogwhich has information on all of my modules and supplements as well as maps of the known portions of the sphere of Terrans, where my campaigns take place.

Louis “sirlou” Kahn
Starry Knight Press
February 2021

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