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Publisher: MediaStream Press

Looking for a fun new caster class to play? This type of caster uses magical spheres imbued with energy to create magical effects. They’re a physical manifestation of 10 different elements that can be used to create almost any spell you can imagine. 

Looking at fire as an example: Want a cone of fire? Make it. Want a lance of fire or fire whip? Do it. Want a wreath of fire around you or to burn all the oxygen out of a room with a puff of fire? You can do that too!

The whole concept is customization. Choose a tier of effectiveness, then add extra things like: increased duration, range, multiple targets, and area of effect. You can take that firebolt and make it a firebolt that does area of effect damage with multiple targets over long range… it just costs more to create!

There are 9 other elements to play around with, too!

This file includes:

Levels 1-20 stats and abilities
Custom Class abilities
Rules for creating spheromancy effects
Charts for tracking new effects
Nearly 50 examples of magical effects using this system
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