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Publisher: ThrowiGames

Let’s stop kidding ourselves: being the hero is overrated. Oh, sure, bring together a band of intergalactic underdogs in the name of the greater good and everybody’s climbing all over themselves to name a moon after you. But where’s the fun—and more importantly, the reward—in that? It’s time that the cocky, silver-tongued, sharp-witted rogue seized the center stage of the space opera. It’s time Space Scoundrels got an adventure of their own.Blaster in holster, swagger in step, and plenty of bounty hunters in the rearview, it’s time to step aboard your stolen hunk of junk and take off into a sci-fi RPG where the name of the game is taking what’s yours (as well as what’s not) and making sure anyone left in your wake remembers your name. In this realm, there’s no place for complex skill trees, heady math and hokey religious powers—as a Space Scoundrel, you have no choice but to risk it all on quick choices, smooth moves, and whatever luck you can muster.

Space Scoundrels RPG, B&W interior, 36 digest pages.

By ThrowiGames LLC, Author: Thom Wilson

Space Scoundrels RPGPrice: $5.00