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Publisher: T-Rex Games

Space Aces: Voyages In Infinite Space will take your crew on a grand adventure
through a huge galactic sandbox set in a Saturday morning cartoon galaxy
that is huge and vibrant and hilarious and heart-warming.

This family-friendly setting draws on joyful science fiction like
The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Red Dwarf, Futurama,
Star Trek
, Space Balls, and so many more.

What’s Inside?

Build your own one-of-a-kind galaxy with over 60 included hex tiles.
Enjoy a simple intuitive ruleset with tools for running smooth no-prep games on-the-fly with a Referee, Co-op, and Solo.
The only sci-fi rpg to come with a Space Hitchhiker Towel Generator!
Generate over 25 million different kinds of playable characters– 3 raccoons in a mech suit? Sure. Bionic B-Boys with a knack for competitive baking? Yep. Cute-as-a-button Deposed AI Overlord? Why not! Only 24,999,997 more to go…
Explore a huge galaxy jam-packed with interstellar phenomenal fun and family-friendly space adventure.
Discover over 60 locations from planet factories to star pirate dens to paradise worlds to planets made of cheese and more!
Interact with over 30 interesting alien species from Space Otter Bandits to Bureaucat Bounty Hunters to Aristocrab Spice Merchants.
And so much more! Take on hundreds of missions, survive hundreds of encounters, meet dozens of colorful characters, collect hundreds of pieces of loot and treasure and starship upgrades… the list goes on.

No Time To Prep? Don’t Panic!

The entire setting is designed to be smooth to run with little to no prep at all. The included tools, tables, and techniques will make running high-flying adventures a snap. Take on missions. Trade resources. Hunt down bounties. Become interstellar pizza delivery drivers. Fight Darkverse monsters in giant mech suits. Rescue spacers in distress as Deep-Space-9-1-1 first responders. Discover Planet Factories. Battle Star Pirates. Befriend Space Whales. Play with Space Otters. Heist Space Casinos. Race Rocket Pods. Surf the galaxy’s biggest wave. Try not to release universe-destroying evil. Dodge Space Pigeons. Open your own galactic food truck… and so much more.
In the Space Aces universe life is precious, adventure is everywhere, and shenanigans are encouraged!

Strap in and grab your space towel, ADVENTURE AWAITS!

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