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Publisher: White Wolf

A new project by Secrets of the Masquerade: Ladies of Darkness

Ladies of Darkness is a new series of books about women (or people on that side of the gender spectrum). The series will have different volumes. Mortal volumes 1, 2 and 3 will be centered around physical, social and mental characters, followed by other volumes turning these characters into different types of supernaturals for the different gamelines of the World of Darkness.

This third volume contains five intelligent characters with fillable character sheets inspired by Mr Gone’s amazing work.

The ID files are meant to be displayed on a screen or computer (the preview stretches them), so they’re horizontal.

This books contains five characters on the womanhood spectrum of gender. These mortal characters will be great encounters, bases for PCs or NPCs, future vampires, ghouls, awakened mages, werewolves that may have not had their first change yet, future victims or ghosts, or just regular inhabitants of your city. After all, the supernatural make such a tiny proportion of the World of Darkness…

You’ll get to meet five badass brainy oriented ladies: an experienced cataphile, a rootless uni lecturer, an anti-corruption journalist, a tech problem solver, and a jaded tenured teacher.

For WoD 20th anniversary, but a little adaption from sheets and stats, it’ll work for any edition and for Chronicles of Darkness 

SotM's Ladies of Darkness Vol.3Price: $2.99