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Publisher: greedygorgonpress

Following our 1400% funded Kickstarter campaign, it is our pleasure to present Song for the Dead!


A 5e weekend to Bernie’s speed-run, including the full adventure and battle-maps.


The Adventure in full!
5 JPEG battlemaps!
20 Heavy Metal Feats!
10 Heavy Metal Items!
10 Hevy Metal Spells!
Homebrewed BBEG with full stats!

What is Song for the Dead? 

Song for the Dead is a 5e one-shot/side quest/solo adventure that can run as a stand alone or can be incorporated into your campaign. In essence, it is a solution to using revivify (5e spell: you bring someone back from the dead), which brings back your PCs from death without any drama or consequences. It is an adventure to get the diamonds necessary to perform the spell, before the expiration of the 10 day limit of gentle repose (5e spell: you cast this on someone who has just died, and their body is preserved for 10 days), and your PCs pass beyond where magic can help them (well, fifth level magic, but let’s not get into that here). 

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