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Publisher: RPGGamer

Prepare to delve deeper into the shadows of modern horror as we present “Sidekicks for Modern Horror: Book 2.” In this chilling compendium, we introduce you to three individuals whose lives have become entwined with the supernatural, each offering a unique perspective and set of skills to aid or challenge your players in the face of darkness.

Father Michael O’Connor, Parish Priest: Within these pages, you will meet Father Michael O’Connor, a steadfast and devout priest who has dedicated his life to offering guidance and spiritual support to those tormented by the sinister forces lurking in the darkness. As a beacon of faith in the face of the unknown, Father O’Connor becomes an invaluable ally when the line between the earthly and the ethereal blurs.
Grace Tanner, Paranormal Blogger: Grace Tanner, the intrepid paranormal blogger and vlogger, stands ready to lead your players into the heart of the supernatural. Her boundless enthusiasm for investigating the unexplained drives her to seek out the next big story, no matter the danger it entails. With her camera in hand and a thirst for the unknown, Grace adds an element of discovery and trepidation to your modern horror campaigns.
Dr. Leonard Blackwood, Reclusive Occult Scholar: Dr. Leonard Blackwood resides on the outskirts of town, shrouded in mystery and isolation. His study is a sanctuary filled with ancient texts, artifacts, and arcane knowledge. Dr. Blackwood might hold the key to unraveling the mysteries that plague your players’ world, but his reclusive nature and enigmatic motives make him a puzzle in himself.

In “Sidekicks for Modern Horror: Book 2,” you will find in-depth backgrounds, complex personalities, and intricate plot hooks for these characters. Whether your players seek allies in the battle against the supernatural or enigmatic figures who deepen the mysteries, Father O’Connor, Grace Tanner, and Dr. Leonard Blackwood are prepared to take center stage in your tales of terror. As you traverse the dark alleys of horror, remember that these sidekicks are the candles that flicker in the night, illuminating the path into the unknown.

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