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Publisher: Vivian Vanderkolk

Welcome to the first volume of Showing Skins! This is a bundle of 6 skins for Monsterhearts 2 by Avery Alder.

Short previews of the bundled skins follow:

The Illusionist: Distant, brilliant, versatile, and alone. The Illusionist is the loneliness of living without people to call friends, without guidance from anyone who seems to know shit about what you’re going through.

The Kobold: Stealthy, irritating, vindictive, and violent. The Kobold is a creature with many interpretations in various media, but it all stems from folklore, where three major types of the little magic men are found. This version focuses on perhaps the most famous one, the mine spirits who haunt the depths and poison the metals, collapse the caves and kill the intruders. More than that though, it represents someone who was always a little weird, and grew into that weirdness like an ugly duckling turning into an uglier duck.

The Lich: Dominant, powerful, dreadful, and deadly. You should not start play with the Lich skin usually. When your Darkest Self isn’t enough, when your character makes a desperate bid for more power than they can handle, or when the MC determines it fits, you could change to it with a Season Advance, or at the beginning of an entirely new season. The Lich paints a target on your back, and rightfully so: the Lich is not an example of the grey morality found in much of this system. They are a villain, plain and simple.

The Mimic: Quiet, versatile, and around every corner. The Mimic is about playing someone more concerned with making others happy than with taking care of themself. You quite literally change yourself for every person you meet, never really taking time to be your authentic self.

The Mothman:  Reclusive, ominous, skittish, and desperate. The Mothman is a fortelling of doom. Appearing before disaster, some think it brings it upon the world, but those in the know can tell it’s just trying to warn us.

The Prodigy:  The Prodigy has it easy, at least on the surface. Good grades, lots of friends, maybe a special talent of some kind. Everyone’s always jealous of how they seem to naturally grasp things that usually take hours of practice. Except, the Prodigy isn’t really that amazing. They’re trying just as hard as the rest, and while sure, they have some abnormal talents, they have plenty of issues too…

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