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Publisher: Laidback DM

In the Gatehouse Fortress of Shun-Zin, the Goblin Jarl Schemes…

SHOTGLASS ROUNDS are PDF-only One-Shots for 5e for the DM who doesn’t like to prep! Flexible, convenient, super-charged excitement in a compact package that won’t have you sitting up for hours doing prep for your next game session! Each adventure is designed for a 4-5 hour game and includes new monsters, full-size player’s maps in grid & grid-less versions!

The Goblin Jarl is a complete, multi-part 2nd-level adventure with new monsters, new magic items, and multiple new and old school maps! It’s an old school-style adventure designed to be used with 5e, Old School Essentials (OSE) or OSR games, and comes with 5e and OSE/OSR monster listings and 5e and OSE rulings.

The Goblin Jarl can be played as a One-Shot or as the first adventure in the old school-style Dungeon Duumhaven mini-campaign, designed to take PCs from 1st – 5th level!

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