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Publisher: siegebreaker games

Based on the world’s most popular tabletop role-playing game, Shattered Worlds transports the players to a gritty post-apocalyptic setting where technology and magic exist side-by-side.

In the post-apocalyptic future, a lone warrior looks at the horizon to see an elder abomination crushing a small outpost in its quest for blood and souls. 

With a smile,  the warrior thanks the gods for the opportunity to die in battle as he readies his spear and shield. Then with a cry of “Mori cum Gloria” the warrior charges.

Typically encountered individually, a member of the Brotherhood of Mars appears as a male or female Roman or Greek soldier equipped with meticulously crafted ancient weaponry and amor. However, upon closer acquaintance with these enigmatic figures, it becomes increasingly evident that their nature transcends humanity. They are, in fact, artificial humanoids endowed with cutting-edge technology that masterfully emulates antiquity while magnifying the capabilities of these ancient relics a hundredfold.

The brotherhood only speaks in Greek or Latin and while not a social group, they have been known to enjoy playing a lyre as well as telling and listening to tales of heroic exploits throughout Greek and Latin history. When they decide to answer questions about where they come from they always reply “The Citadel of Olympus”.

They do appear interested in killing the biggest and most deadly foes across the world as this can bring the “favor of the gods” and thus grant them immortality.

It is tough to gain the respect of these warriors besides showing courage and battle skills in the presence of great foes. If one of the brotherhood falls in battle to an “unworthy foe” that was killed through deceit or unhonorable actions, the killer will be hunted down by another member of the brotherhood.

When a member of the brotherhood dies, their body and and equipment will combust in a whirlwind of blue flames. Its weapons are also consumed unless they are gifted to a being that showed great courage and earned the rare respect of the brotherhood warrior.

The Brotherhood of Mars is a Encounter Group of Heroic Glory plus a bonus mini adventure based around Colorado Springs – The Quest for a Hero’s Death.


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