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Publisher: SeaBreeze Games

A mere kobold infestation? Hah! Peace of cake!.. No one could have guessed the dangers lurking underneath…

The adventure features the exotic sewers of Frostfell, where danger and opportunity go hand in hand! If your players enjoy role-playing, puzzle solving, plot twists, combat, and TRAPS! Then this adventure is for you.

 What to expect:

A 5th-level adventure only for the most resilient of minds!
A balance of exploration, roleplaying, combat, and TRAPS! Lots of them!
A beautiful, hand-drawn battle map of the Sewers!
And last but not least, a plot twist that will have your players saying “What?!”

Observe your players’ expressions as they delve deep into the putrid sewers, deal with kobold traps, discover an alchemist’s hidden laboratory, and trade with the sewer wizard, only to discover that not everything is as simple as it seems. Something terrifying is lurking in the central sewage of the sewers!

A self-contained adventure that can be played by itself or easily inserted into any campaign!

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