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Publisher: Ramen Sandwich Press

A quick and flexible, yet action-packed new system for handling critical hits and fumbles. The results range in severity, from a clever side-step that gives you an advantage on your next attack, to a dropped weapon, to severing a limb with a single blow.

We leave it up to you when to roll for a crit or a fumble — it’s your game, you decide how much of the system you want to use, and when to use it. When you do roll, you consult a master table; there’s one for critical hits and one for fumbles. Most results indicate that something unusual has happened — perhaps it won’t change the tide of the encounter, but it is more advantageous or disadvantageous to the attacker than a normal result. However, some results require to roll again on a subtable with more extreme results. That’s when you get to slice off an enemy’s limb or shoot an ally in the back (by mistake, of course)!

Compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and both editions of Pathfinder. We didn’t test it with older editions of Dungeons & Dragons, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it could be adapted to work for them as well.

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