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Publisher: Starry Knight Press


A selection of fantasy adventure for player characters of levels 1 to 4
Compatible with OSRIC™ and other First Edition Retro-clones

A traveler from distant lands brings new gods to Dùn Loachas and unites the local humanoids.
As the tribes prepare for war, you are the only ones who can stop this madman, if you dare.
Having saved Dùn Loachas, your help is needed in the seaside town of Taigh-Solais an Iar.
Krampus and his evil minions have stolen their children and it’s up to you to save them!

Hello and welcome, adventurers and Game Masters!

This supplement contains four complete modules to challenge your wayward travellers! Your players will face a variety of challenges, requiring several different skill sets. There are battles for sure, but your players must also use their wits, and they will need to be blessed with a good bit of luck too, if they hope to survive!

The compilation before you, the final one to feature my “SO-series” of one-shot adventures, is different than all of my prior compendiums in that it contains four adventures which may be run as a single campaign. Played together these modules will take your players from neophyte, first level adventurers all the way to stalwart, level four heroes.

Three of the four adventures in this book compromise a 3 part story arc (the Caverns of Calamity) which takes place in the southern foothills of the nation of Dùn Bhriste. In these three adventure your players will be employed by the Gnomish Advanced Research Institute (G.A.R.I. for short), an inventor’s organization. Your players will be tasked with the search and recovery of rare botanical specimens from the other side of the known world; as well as the rescue of the members of the gnomish expeditionary force that went to the caverns and never returned!

Your players will face a variety of challenges, requiring several different skill sets. There are battles for sure, but your players must also use their wits, and they will need to be blessed with a good bit of luck too, if they hope to survive! The four adventures are as follows:

In the first of the three Caverns of Calamity adventures (Kobold’s Fury), the players will explore a set of natural caverns guarded by a pack of bloodthirsty kobolds. They murdered one gnome researchers and have another held captive. They are also tasked with nurturing and guarding the rare “rubber plant” of their leader, Mulder Frux.

In the second adventure (Goblin’s Rage) the players will invade a complex full of more powerful humanoids: goblins and bugbears. These fearsome foes occupy a set of caverns and the remains of an ancient cult shrine which lay further up the cliffside from the kobold den. There the players will discover the Devil’s Tooth mushrooms they are seeking, along with two more G.A.R.I. researches being held captive by the goblins. The players must free these gnomes if they can.

In the finale adventure of Caverns of Calamity (Orc’s Wrath) the players will take the battle to the Chaotic leader Mulden Frux by assaulting the orc caverns where he dwells. The orcs have sequestered themselves in another, even older ancient shrine further up the hillside from the other dens. The players will have to storm Frux’s power base, rescue the two imprisoned G.A.R.I. expedition leaders, and defeat Frux and his allies to put an end to this threat to the kingdom of Dun Bhriste and earn themselves the title of heroes!

In the last of the four adventure (SO17 Revenge of Krampus), the players, fresh from their victory over the forces of Chaos in Dùn Loachas, will be called on once again to aid the folks of Dùn Bhriste, this time in the southwestern seaside village of Taigh-Solais an Iar (which translates to South Lighthouse in Common). The villagers were shocked to awaken on Midwinter Eve and discover their children were missing, stolen from their very beds! The fiend Krampus and his evil minions are holed up with the children in the ancient gnomish Thunderwhistle Mines, in the mountains above the village. It’s up to your players to rescue them and save Yuletide; and if they have been especially good they just might receive some help from Jólfaðr, the Yule Father (making his first appearance in my holiday adventures).

Inside this book you will find great Old-School art and completely detailed dungeon maps, with detailed encounters for each area! This module also includes a map of the nation of Dùn Bhriste and the village of Dùn Loachas, done in the Old School style, and complete with information on geography, local settlements and areas for further exploration. This supplement also includes pre-generated player characters for use with each adventure, as well as additional gnomish G.A.R.I. NPCs who may also accompany the players on these adventures! Lastly, this book includes five (5) new monsters, twelve (12) new magic items and a new OSRIC spell for your players to enjoy!

This book serves up 92 pages of action and excitement (full retail value $27) for one low price, and it is sure to please discerning GMs and players everywhere!

PLUS you get a free copy of my 2020 Starry Knight Press Catalog, which has information on all of my modules and supplements, as well as maps of the known portions of the sphere of Terrans where my campaigns take place.

I hope you and your players enjoy this adventure. Thank you for supporting Starry Knight Press!

Louis “sirlou” Kahn
Starry Knight Press
December 2020

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