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Publisher: Thomas Manuel

A system-neutral, quick one-shot adventure about a famed academy of poets that has gone strangely silent.

“The Pandiyan King said God sent 49 poets to him, each a living incarnation of one  poetic sound. He built for the poets a grand academy from which they would weave songs to feed the people and the land. But since the academy was built, there has been no word. So the king sent the Grammarian, the First Poet, but they never returned. The king sent many messengers, no one returns. So finally, the King sends you – Hellenists, Ionians, Yavanas, strangers. Bring back the Grammarian. Bring back the poems. Bring back the poets. Or do not return.”

This adventure contains:

lost poets
a magic tablet that drowns anyone who isn’t a true poet
a god who wishes to be amused
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